Saturday, July 24, 2010

Night 2 - Yamba

We left Harrington quite early and headed for Coffs. The kids were so excited to get to the Big Banana and eat a banana split. After a few hours driving we made it and ordered our banana splits. Kai was enjoying his when all of a sudden a bird comes over and pecks him in the eye. He was hysterical, not only everyone at the Big Banana the but the whole of Coffs could hear him screaming!! Poor kid, if anything is going to happen it will happen to Kai!!! Took him quite a while to get over.

We left for Yamba and got there at about 4pm. Just managed to set up and it started to rain so we bunked down for the night. In the morning we explored beautiful Yamba. What a gorgeous little town, I can really see myself living in a beachy town like that. Just lovely. Spent the morning in the sunshine enjoying coffee and watching tht kids at another skate park. The kids couldnt be happier!!

We headed north again through a town called Woodburn (which actually smelt like wood burning!!). Of course Craig sees another friend in a tiny little town in the middle of no where!!

On to the Gold Coast.....