Thursday, August 5, 2010

Night 14 - Bedford Weir

So off we headed west again from Gracemere (a central cattle sales town....moo) along the Capricorn Hwy. The countryside changed dramatically from hills to open flat red-dirt areas with large cattle stations and wheat, cotton, sunflowers, etc crop farms.

We also went past a de-railed coal train that was a total wreck. The workmen were going from carriage to carriage chopping them up into small bits and loading scrap metal bins that were hauled of on trucks.

We were headed to 1 of a number of free-camps that we could decide on. The first was right on the side of the highway (too noisy and we got there at lunch so still some driving to do), the 2nd had a bushfire raging nearby (we didn't have enough marshmallows) but the 3rd was a cracker.

Situated 27km`s off the main highway was Bedford Weir campground. On the way in we went past some Emu's which was a thrill for the kids. There was a boat ramp and a water-ski clubhouse (corrugated iron - that's all you need hey boys for a club house!!) next to the campground which had a fulltime caretaker onsite who welcomed you there and gave a run down on the place. We could pick any spot and did so away from others (let the kids go crazy time) and hopefully away from snakes or other nasties......we had just driven through a town called 'Dingo'. We could also light a fire here so Bailey and I went wading through waist high snake infested (the toilets had a sign in them 'please shut the lid to keep the snakes and frogs out') grass to find fire wood. Returned with only minor patches of 'bark off' and all limbs plus some wood to burn which we did under the most amazing starry night sky I had seen in a long long time. It is a great spot (reminds me of Manly Dam) and free. You can stay there for up to 7 nights.