Saturday, November 20, 2010

Night 120 - Lowly Point

Another day on holidays!! What to do.......

Wake up......walk down and have a fish......a few more KG Whiting

Back for brekky. Take the kids for a scooter ride around the breakwall. Check out the "Cleans Seas" crew restock their barge with feed for the cages full of Kingfish that are down in the bay. A couple of years ago a large shark bit through one of the cage nets and let about 20 thousand kingfish into the bay......needless to say the locals had some fun around the shore!!

Got the rods sorted out, lunch then off for an arvo session with some more KGW taken back. The wind was offshore with blue sky all day and it was great sitting back and relaxing.

Kai, Ellie and I had a drive around town....saw the lighthouse....that`s all there is and were back in 2 mins!! Just behind the town over a hill is the Port Bonython tanker wharf and refinery.

For dinner I won the kids over with my battered whiting fillets for dinner.....poor Lisa doesn't know what she's missing out on!!

Our view here

Some of the other 'free-campers' just behind the small harbour