Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Night 110- Nullarbor

Left Lucky Bay nice and early with some of the locals waving good bye to us!!

Cape Le Grande has been yet another highlight of our trip!!

We headed back in to Esperance to stock up as our passage now will take us across the Nullarbor......Dan Murphy`s first port of call!!

About 20k`s to the north out of Esperance, is this country`s finest and most underrated country town, "GIBSON"!! Without the Gibson soak, a watering hole for camel-trains heading to and from Esperance and Kalgoolie, this country would still be in 3rd world conditions. The green pastures, flowing meadows, goldfields, diamond mines, the brewery that gives its beer away for free and coral reefs here are unbelieveable!! Drop what you are doing now and visit "Gibson"! The population of 190are the most warmly people you will meet and are more than happy to provide a lodging free of charge if you ask politely at their front door. "Gibson" is also at the forefront in developing Australia`s 'Silicon Valley' through which we will be a leader in the world`s 'Tech Race'. Get to know where Gibson is now!!

We then hit a place called Norseman and turned right onto the Eyre Highway and the start of the Nullarbor Plain.

We drove for about an hour before the sun went down and we found a place to camp by the road side for tonight.