Saturday, October 16, 2010

Night 86 - Geraldton

Our camp last night was pretty good although Ive never seen so many flies in my life. We stepped outside the van and they were swarming around us. Truly awful! We had seen plenty of people wearing those hats with the fly nets over them and thought how crazy. How I wish I could have had one yesterday, I wouldnt have cared what I looked like! We did sleep pretty well considering the amount of road trains that drove past. Gotta love saving $50 a night in caravn park fees though.

We packed up pretty early and drove to Kalbarri National Park for a bit of a look around. We didnt know if we were going to stay here the night or not. Its really beautiful and the coastline is pretty spectacular.

This is the township....

We drove to Bluff Point which, according to Craig, has a great left. He was so keen to get in and have a surf but it was pretty flat.

We decided to keep driving to Geraldton, it was a pretty drive with all the wild flowers out in bloom. We arrived just before lunch time and found a nice caravan park opposite the beach. The beach was lovely but had a whole lot of sea weed so we decided not to swim.

Geraldton is huge and we both really liked it. There is alot to do, especially on the waterfront. There is a nice walk along the waterfront with lots of nice cafes and parks. Apparently this is regarded as one of the bext windsurfing beaches in the world.

Night 86 - Galena Bridge

The day started with my standard job along the beach, I jogged as far along the beach as the Monkey Mia pearling barge. Monkey Mia certainly is a beautiful part of the country.

We got packed up nice and early so we could go down for the first dolphin feed of the day. Kai stood down the other end of the beach by himself and was picked out of the crowd yet again for his 3rd feed! Don’t know how he did it! Bailey was also chosen and he fed the pregnant dolphin named ‘Surprise’.

After the feed we towed the van into the car park and went back down to the beach to wait for the next feed. Unfortunately they didn’t return so we left around 10.30am.

We saw another emu incident, this time it was getting hassled by seagulls on the beach. Emu's walking along the beach....classic!

We left around lunchtime and drove down to our free camp for the night. A little spot by the Murchison River called Galena Bridge. When we first got there we were the second van, by nightfall there were 11 other vans or motor homes turn up. This place was the fly capital of Australia! Absolutely revolting! We walked along the river bank and saw some pretty aggressive nesting black swans.

As night fell we enjoyed another night of toasting marshmallows over the fire and star gazing.