Monday, November 15, 2010

Night 115 - Port Lincoln

While we were packing up this morning Bailey had a horrible accident. We was walking towards the van and tripped and fell into the bottom step of the van. He had his hands in his pockets so we couldnt put them out and his top lip hit the step pretty hard. He now has the fattest top lip I have ever seen and the biggest bruise to go with it. He is so lucky he didnt lose some teeth or break his nose. Action Bailey strikes again!

So with Bailey and his bag of ice we packed up and headed for Port Lincoln Nation Park which is only about 15 mins from the centre of town. We didnt quite know what to expect but its really great. There is hardly anyone here and the caravan/tent sites are huge. Again we are camping with emu's, kangaroo's and I saw a massive bush rat. Its horrible weather, rainy and cold. Its only $7 per night for all of us, we may just stay a few days if it clears. The stars out here would look amazing, if only we could see them!

We went down to the beach for a look around and its lovely, we can see the massive tuna pens from the campsite. We actually went to the fish markets this morning but being a Sunday it was closed. We still cant quite get our heads around the idea that shops close on a Sunday!

The boys went on a bush walk and found a couple of Shingleback lizards who were stuck on different sides of the fence. After a bit of hesitation Craig the big softy decided to reunite them.

We did nothing but school work this afternoon as the rain came down.