Sunday, October 24, 2010

Night 93 - Perth

So we arrived in Perth just before lunch - very exciting!! Ive been wanting to come here for so long.

We headed straight for Freemantle for lunch and a beer at the famous 'Little Creatures Brewery'. Thanks Nat for telling us to go there, it was very cool! We absolutely loved Freemantle; lots of parks, restaurants and great little shops.

We then went to Freemantle Harbour for a quick lunch, very nice!

We then went to Cottisloe Beach for a look around. The houses here are absolutely massive and worth a fortune Im sure. They had a pathway than ran right along the foreshore which was beautiful. We will come back for another look around another day.

We are staying with Birdy and Traci, its been so long since we have seen them so its been great to catch up. We were up until all hours eating, drinking and chatting.

Lots more sight seeing tomorrow....