Thursday, October 21, 2010

Night 90 - Jurien Bay

Well this morning it was cold, foggy and rainy. We arent used to this at all! First time I have heard the kids say they are cold in a long time!

So this morning was spent sand boarding, classic! We had many stacks but so much fun. I had a go, stacked twice (didnt include on the video as Im wearing a skirt, not the most appropriate attire for sand boarding!!)

In the arvo it rained so we sat down for a few more hours of school work, nothing better to do on a rainy day in a caravan! It cleared for an hour or so and we took the kids to the park in town.

Craig took the kids fishing off the cliff, he came back with a shark which they ate for dinner. Its a gorgeous spot here....

Its our 3rd night here and we havent seen a ranger to collect our fees. Gotta love lazy rangers!!