Thursday, November 11, 2010

Night 111 - Nullarbor

After we left our not so quiet free camp we hit the longest straight road in Australia, 146kms. What can I say? It was long and straight and very boring!

Craig tied up the steering wheel with occy straps and we both watched a movie. Just joking mum! The scenery changes all the time from small scrubby bushes to big tall trees to then nothing but brown grass. The land is dry and flat. The road side petrol stations are old and run down and just appear out of no where. We are paying about $1.70 for petrol, it actually isnt too bad as we thought we would pay over $2.

We drove pretty much all day, from 8am to 5pm. The kids have been amazingly good, it helps when I have a whole heap of dvd's they havent seen! We stayed at Eucla Caravan Park which isnt really a caravan park. Its a huge petrol station with a dirt patch out the back. $20 per site which isnt too bad. $1 for 5 minutes of hot water showers which was pretty great!

More driving tomorrow...