Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Night 117 - Cape Hardy Beach

Well its still pretty average weather today so we are going to hit the road. This place is so nice, it’s a shame we didn’t get to see it with sun shining. We did a quick hour of school work then packed up and left.

We drove back into Port Lincoln and headed straight for the fish markets. Not at all like the fish markets in Sydney, its just a huge warehouse in a tiny little back street. Craig bought some yellow fin tuna, some blue fin tuna and some prawns for a good price.

We then drove north for an hour or so until we came to Tumby Bay where we stopped for lunch. I went into a bakery to buy some rolls but the price was $6 for 5 rolls so we settled on bread from the freezer! The kids played at a great little park by the beach while we made lunch. Its pretty chilly and the wind is icy.

We didn’t feel much like driving today so we only drove for another half an hour. We turned off the highway onto a little dirt road with wheat fields on either side. Craig jumped the fence into a field and picked some wheat to show the kids, nothing like a bit of hands on education! I was half expecting a farmer to come running down the field with his hay fork and chase him out of there! We drove 6km’s down the road to Cape Hardy Beach. There is only one other van here and we are parked as far away as possible from it!

Craig cooked up the prawns in a satay sauce and I have to say they were pretty good. It’s probably the first time in my life I have eaten a whole prawn and actually liked it! He had some sashimi yellow fin tuna all to himself!

The night is clear, still and quiet….. just the way we like it….

Night 116 - Port Lincoln

The weather is bleak again today, when will it ever end?

We drove up to Cape Donnington which is within the national park. There wasn’t much here except probably the smallest lighthouse I have ever seen! We had a look around for sea lions but we didn’t find any. We saw a few fishing boats towing in some tuna pens, really must go to the fish markets tomorrow and check it out.

This national park is really nice and if the weather is fine tomorrow we will stay another night.