Friday, September 10, 2010

Night 50 - Broome

Wow 50 nights away!!!

We drove the 180k's or so to Broome just itching to see the ocean again. We arrived in Broome and first stop was the information centre to stock up on pamphlets and brochures. We had some lunch then drove around town. Its gorgeous, we both absolutely love it.

We are staying with friends so after meeting them and setting up we drove a few km's down to Cable Beach....Ahhh its everything I thought it would be. A long white sandy beach and clean crystal clear water. The smell was amazing too...clean crisp and salty, how Ive missed the beach. Its hot but the breeze is just beautiful.

We walked down onto the rocks and searched for real dinosaur footprints 120 million years old. They are embedded in sandstone at the base of the cliff and can only be seen at low tide. This is what we found...

There were at least 50 other people searching too and occasionally someone would call out that they had found one. They boys had an absolute ball running around and searching for more foorptints. Now this is learning on the road that few kids get to experience.

They also found a huge clam and some coral.

There seems to be so much to do here, we had planned on staying 3 nights but might have to change that to 4...Tomorrow we have camel rides, a long overdue swim at the beach, shopping, a visit to the japanese cemetry, fish and chips and bubbly at sunset on Cable is excellent!

Night 49 - Derby

We really had a nice time in Fitzroy Crossing, its a pretty awful town but the caravan park was amazingly good. While we were packing up this morning Craig started chatting to our neighbours, he asked where we were headed and Craig told him Derby. He told us not to bother, there was nothing but mudflats there and nothing much to do.

So we got in the car and started driving, not knowing where we would end up. Its half the fun! When we got to the crossroad (Broome to the left, Derby to the right). We had heard about the famous (or infamous) Prison Boab Tree. Craig had seen it on many old Leyland Brothers Docos and was keen to check it out..... so we turned right.

We drove into town and as usual went straight to Woolies where I saw two security guards talking with the store owner about someone stealing something. I looked over to where they were pointing and there was a group of men hiding behind a tree. Ok I thought, its going to be another night where we have to lock everything up!

We found a caravan park and booked in for the night, it wasnt too bad and only about $35 for the night. We unhooked the van and drove around and checked out the town. We went down to the wharf where they have a massive 11m tide.

More Boab Trees throughout the town

The Prison Boab Tree was pretty impressive. The story was sad and seeing the photos of the Aborigional slaves chained up made us feel awful. The tree is massive and possibly hundreds of years old, its really impressive and Im glad we decided to check it out.

Sunset from our caravan park

The road from Derby to Broome....we cant wait to see the beach again!