Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Night 82 - Coral Bay

The place on any given day would be spectacular but with the seasonal breeze (bloody strong wind) from the sw (onshore here) it messes things up a bit out in the water. The main area or bay is still inside a coral reef (Ningaloo) about 1km offshore with a lovely beach and sheltered area to snorkle for families. There is a lot less fish here as all the families probably scared em off during the school holidays.

So after a bit of investigative work, myself and Steve heard on the grapevine a good place for snorkling is around the point. We knew it was going to be in the brunt of the wind but we were determined to give it a crack.

As soon as we jumped in, we met a turtle and had a swim with it. In close to shore it was a bit murky and not too pleasant so off we head out. It was looking a bit bleak for the first 150m but then this huge mass of coral just appears in front of us. It is like a massive coral forest of blues and purples that stretches to the sea floor about 10m down. As we snorkled through, I couldn't help but think it was like trees tightly bound together and if my watch had dropped off I would have seen it bounce from branch to branch until out of view with no chance of ever getting it back. We kept going out over this mass which did get quite shallow in parts so you had to try to not get impaled with the chop that was breaking there. The water was crystal clear out here and it feels like you are flying in air rather than floating in water.....it is very impressive!! We also almost got run over by a glass-bottomed boat tour which I was happy to see as it meant we must have been in the right spot.

In the afternoon I took the boys for a walk to Skeleton Bay (ah harr!!) which is a 20min walk from the campground, to a beach which is a natural black tip reef shark nursery. Again the breeze was making it hard but I did spot a few dark shadows and the boys had a great time rumbling down the big sand dunes.

If it wasn't for the wind, this place would be awesome. So everyone, plan your trip over here for before October...better still make it May, June, July or August.....just to make sure.

Funny how they have wind turbines behind the caravan park huh!!