Sunday, September 19, 2010

Night 59 - Port Hedland

What a big night catching up with great friends, many drinks and many laughs!! Craig and Brian are struggling and my head has been better!!

Port Hedland is nice, its much bigger and more spread out than I though it would be. Its a working town, most people who live here are just here to work so many of them fly in to work and fly out again.

We went down to the skate park this morning which was fun. The boys skate A-team...

And my husband.....the biggest kid of them all! What a classic.

For dinner we went to the Port Hedland Yacht Club which was awesome, we enjoyed some Thai food and the kids had fish and chips. The kids played at the park while we sipped champers, just perfect. Although this looks like a bikie clubhouse its really the Yacht Club!! Not so flash on the outside but a great atmosphere on the inside.

The sunset over the port was amazing...

Night 58 - Port Hedland

We have made it to the big smoke!! After a week with no internet and phone it's nice to connect with the world again. We are here for a few nights which will be great.

We are staying with friends Petra and Brian who are here for 2 years for work. Its great to be here, feels homely. The boys have lately been really missing playing with other kids so they were dying to get here to play with Will and Jack who are the same age. We had a bbq and watched the sun set over the ocean again.

The big boys of course had many beers, way too many!