Sunday, August 8, 2010

Night 17 - Rubyvale

Happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to Ellie
happy birthday to you.....

Ellies 3rd birthday was celebrated in Rubyvale. We had our usual traditional birthday pancakes then headed for the Saturday markets in Rubyvale. Got a bit excited at the thought of fresh fruit and veges and good old country items but we were wrong. There were 6 stalls which only sold gems:

After lunch the boys and I went to a heritage mine for an underground tour. Same mine that Lisa and I did a tour of 10 years ago. Excellent tour and the boys loved it!

The mine is a bit more touristy now rather than being a working mine. We we previously did the mine tour it was still a wokring mine.

After we had cake for Ellie and put the kids to bed I thought that as I was having a football drought I it was only prudent to head accross the road to the Rubyvale pub to watch the Bledisloe and then Manly VS Melb. As I strode in through he double doors in my trackies, sneakers and jumper I sidled my way up to the bar next to the one toothed locals and ordered myself a schooner of XXXX. I aksed the lady behind the jump what t.v the football is on and got the reply 'there is no football on our t.v tonight'!!!! They had Guns and Roses music video on 3 t.v's playing instead! Ive never heard of a pub on a saturday night that didnt have any football on any t.v's needless to say it was the fastest schooner I ever drank!