Monday, November 29, 2010

Night 129- The Granites

We awoke to some more rain for a change but we are determined to leave Adelaide.

As we start to pack up, the clouds start to break up so we decide we will head to Monarto Zoo which is about 45min out of Adelaide towards Murray Bridge.

Monarto Zoo is part of Adelaide Zoo much like Western Plains Zoo at Dubbo and is set up in the same way except here they have a shuttle bus that takes you to all of the different bike riding around this one. They have a lot of the African animals here including Hyenas, black and white Rhino, chimps, cheetah, lions, eland plus lots of other animals from around the globe.

Here are some of the shots during the visit......see if you can pick the two wee shots!!

The chimps enclosure was a favourite as well as the cheetah. One of the cheetah actually took a shine to Bailey when it was just us two there. It was chasing him under the veiwing platform and I had to tell him to stand back from the railing as it looked like it would try and grab him for lunch!!

It was a great day there and then we drove for about 2 hours to our next free camp called "The Granites" which were just behind a huge beach just to the north of Robe.