Monday, October 11, 2010

Night 81 - Coral Bay

Goodbye Ningaloo Hello Coral Bay!

We left Lakeside and everyone waved us off like we were family! We drove an hour or so south of Exmouth (Craig with a tear in his eye!!) to Coral Bay which is the bottom end of Ningaloo Reef. There isnt much here, just a few small shops and a few resorts/caravan parks and a cafe. Its a lovely little holiday village with yet more beautiful beaches.

We arrived at the Peoples Park and are camped right next to Steve and Di who we spent a week with at Lakeside! They left a few days before we did and are staying here a week. He told Craig the snorkelling isnt anywhere near as good as what we are used to and he is right. Craig checked it out in the afternoon and there was heaps of coral but no fish.

The breeze is back and blowing non stop. I woke many times during the night to hear people pulling their awnings in, luckily we pulled ours in before we went to bed. The guy at the front desk said it will blow like this for the next 7 months!

Coral Bay:

We have two nights here then we are going to Point Quobba then Carnarvon and after that its a mystery where we will end up! Half the fun really.