Monday, August 9, 2010

Night 18 - Jericho

Goodbye Rubyvale post office

Goodbye Rubyvale tennis club

Goodbye Rubyvale cows

Goodbye Rubyvale mansions

We wont miss these cold nights in Rubyvale. Craig was so cold he almost got out the foil emergency blanket from our medical kit!! If only it wasnt so noisy he would have used it for sure!!

We stopped in at the Sapphire markets which were 20 times the size of the Rubyvale markets. Bought some local produce of the fruit and veg variety. The lady running the massage table was making the most money off the old bushy miners!!

Drove west again to our next free camp at Jericho. The road is long and straight and dusty. We have not seen clouds since we were in Brisbane, maybe rain ahead.

We camped by the Jericho River, again in the middle of no where. Jericho is like a ghost town. Its a free camp so usually they have a gold coin donation box. The only gold coin we had on us was a $1, pretty cheap accommodation for a family of 5.

We had a campfire and Craig perfected toasting marshmallows.

Next stop Longreach.....