Sunday, November 21, 2010

Night 121 - Port Broughton

We left our camp today and drove up to Port Augusta. We drove through it about as quickly as we did 10 years ago! Nothing to see here.

Ellie now has the car trip sorted, she gets out the stable table and colours.

What is it with S.A and the street signs, or lack of street signs? We have been lost many times because we cant find a street. Plenty of maps but no signs, weird.

We arrived in Port Broughton after lunch and checked into a caravan park. I got straight to it and did 10 days worth of washing while Craig filled up all water containers and the van tanks. A real shower and toilet was heaven after the cold water showers at the last stop. The kids went off for a swim in the pool and a played on the jumping pillow. They also met some other kids of the same age so they enjoyed playing with them. That will wear them out! Its funny the questions they ask us now....are we free camping or are we staying in a caravan park? Do we have electricity or solar power tonight? Are they flush or drop toilets? Do we have internet (always from Kai)? They really are getting used to life on the road.

This is a really nice little coastal holiday town, Im sure many people who live in Adelaide would come up here for a weekend as we are only 200kms away. Its got a liitle main street and a long jetty over the mud flats. Heaps of people go mud crabbing here although Im not sure we will have time for that today. Craig may have to wait until tomorrow for that as we have a few jobs to do. The town is surrounded by cereal crops on one side and the bay on the other. Its really hot again, the winter clothes are back in the cupboard for now and the boardies are back.