Saturday, November 6, 2010

Night 106 - Esperance

We didn’t see much of Esperance this morning. We left the caravan park by 8.30 quickly filled up with petrol then head to Cape Le Grand hoping there was a place for us. We got to the front gate and paid the entry fee of $11 and the lady said there were some places available.

Driving around the cliff and seeing Lucky Bay for the first time was unreal. It was so beautiful it was almost unrealistic. Here in this bay is the whitest sand ever, not just in Australia but in the world.

We drove straight to Lucky Bay hoping to get a spot and there were 13 spaces available out of a possible 20. I highly doubt this place was fully booked last night, we are here so early and its nearly empty.

We nervously get out of the car and find that the fly situation is great. That makes us so happy!!

We find a great spot with our own picnic table and ocean views.

We walk the 100m or so to the waters edge and its amazing, the turquoise water is like nothing we have seen before. We thought Ningaloo Reef was pristine, this is unbelievable.

Kai grabs his surf board and jumps straight into the water. There aren’t any waves here but that doesn’t stop him from having a great time paddling. We meet an older couple on the way out to do some snorkelling, that’s something we can do tomorrow!

Craig and the boys head off for a fish while Ellie and I have a siesta, great thing about having a 3 year old that still sleeps during the day means I get to have a rest too! After Ellie wakes up we go around the rocks to find the boys, just in time to see Kai catch a small fish. He was so proud of himself!

When we return the camp ground has filled up a bit but there are still at least 10 spaces available. We sit back and relax for the rest of the night….

Night 105 - Esperance

We left our free camp this morning as quick as we could. The flies are driving us mad and we have had a restless night thanks to two carloads of French backpackers that had just met for the first time. They sat around the camp fire laughing and chatting all night.

We drove through Jerramungup (nothing to see here!) and then Ravensthorpe (rough as guts!) where we stopped for lunch. After Ravensthorpe we drove for another 100km’s to our next little free camp called Quagi Beach. In the Camps 5 book this place looked perfect so we travelled down the little dirt road and found our secluded camp spot. I stepped outside to guide Craig back and was overwhelmed at the amount of flies that landed on me within a minute. Oh no here we go again.

We jumped out of the car and headed down to this gorgeous beach, another little piece of paradise! Craig was surveying the fishing area and all of a sudden we started to get bitten by huge march flies. Now its one thing to have a thousand flies on you but its another thing when they start to bite. Kai threw off his shirt and jumped into the ocean and he was still getting bitten. There was no relief in sight so we all jumped back into the car and headed for the next spot. Bailey was in tears because he was sick of driving (we all were too) but it was nothing a packet of chips and a dvd couldn’t fix.

We had planned to stay at Cape Le Grand National Park tomorrow night so we thought we will just head over and stay there, it was only another 120km’s away. We arrived in Esperance at 4pm and went to the info centre to grab a map, I just happened to ask if she knew how many camping spots where left at Cape Le Grand and she said it was fully booked which was highly unusual. No other option but to stay at a caravan park, not what we wanted to do but it rained and thundered all night so maybe it was just meant to be.

We will check out Esperance tomorrow morning before we head out to Cape Le Grand where we plan to spend a few last days before crossing the Nullabor. Wont have any internet or phone service so will update when we can....