Sunday, August 29, 2010

Night 38 - Kakadu

We certainly have itchy feet! We have been in Darwin for 8 days and its really time to move on. Irs been nice not having to pack and unpack each day but we are ready for a change of scenery.

We leave Darwin and drive about 220kms along the Arnhem Hwy stopping quickly to get our Kakadu National Park passes. They cost $25 per person (kids under are 16 free surprisingly) and last for 14 days. We had been told to stay at the Kakadu Aurora Lodge so we headed there after a quick look around Jabiru.

Now this is my kind of camping!! Beautiful shady trees, green grass, beautiful birds and a park manager that says 'just go find your own spot'. We had planned on staying two nights but we have just decided to stay three!

As soon as we got here the plan was just to sit back and relax. We set up the picnic rug and lego for the kids and Craig and I checked out the Kakadu maps and made a plan for the following day.

It was a beautiful starry night with a slight breeze which was really refreshing. When checking in the park manager told me that there were plenty of dingoes around at night. He told me not to feed them but just to shoo them away. Yeah right, I will not be shooing any wild dogs away, Ill be keeping my distance! He told me to take everything inside at night as lately they have even been stealing peoples thongs! At about 9pm a cheeky dingo comes around the corner and almost into our campsite. He got scared when he realised we were out and ran away. Cheeky buggar!! We will try and get photo evidence.......Craig is stalking it!!