Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Night 109 - Esperance

Another day of surfing, fishing and just having fun. Its our last night as tomorrow we will start out trek across the Nullabor.


Night 108 - Esperance

We woke to more cloudy skies this morning, it almost rained but held off. Every day we have been here we have woken up to grey sky and by lunchtime its back to perfect blue cloudless skies.

For Craig today started with an early surf. The boys went along and played on the beach while he surfed and they came back very excited to say they had seen dolphins surfing and jumping the waves.

After breakfast we all went down to check the beach out, hoping the dolphins would still be there and they were. There must have been about 10 of them just swimming up and down Lucky Bay. We have seen many dolphins on out holiday but each time we see them it still feels special.

We went for a walk around the rocks and we saw some guys pull in a big squid, I know what Craig will be doing for the rest of the arvo!

We checked out Hellfire Bay which was out of this world. Definitely one of my 5 most beautiful beaches I have been to, so spectacular.

As we were driving up the road from the beach we saw this little guy in the middle of the road. We have seen far too many dead ones so we decided to jump out and move him off the road and back on to the sand. Well he hissed and went for Craig so we decided to leave him alone. Oh well, we tried!

Next up was Le Grand beach which was long and straight with pure white sand and unbelievably clear water.

After Le Grand beach we went to Thistle Cove which was named in memory of John Thistle of HMS Investigator in 1802. Another amazingly beautiful cove.

Here are some more pics of beautiful Lucky Bay.....

We still have not decided if we are going to stay another night. Craig and I could stay here another week but Im worried we are going to run out of time. We shall see!

Night 107 - Esperance

This is without a doubt the best national park we have camped in. The beaches are gorgeous, the bush walks are great, and the facilities are excellent. We actually have real hot showers, a nice bbq area and each site has picnic tables. It costs our family $20 per night which is a little expensive for a national park but its well worth it. Any of our friends we have met along the way who are behind us…..you will LOVE this place!

We had more rain last night and woke up to cloudy skies. Craig took the boys for a fish in the rain and Ellie and I drove into town (50km’s to Esperance) to get some more supplies for the next few days. We had a look around the town, its nice but nothing special. The beach looks great though, cant wait to get back there for a swim.

In the arvo we went for a bush walk to Thistle Cove, we didn’t make it all the way as Ellie holds us up a bit but we will come back another time to check it out. Beautiful views from up here!

Its been a bit chilly at night and the kids are pretty worn out so we put them to bed early and Craig and I sit back and watch some dvd’s. I think we have nearly seen everything we have now.