Saturday, November 13, 2010

Night 113 - Streaky Bay

When we woke up this morning we drove into Ceduna and had a look around. Not a great deal there. We drove down to Streaky Bay where we tried some local fish and chips for lunch. Inside the fish and chip shop was a massive 10ft great white shark caught off the beach there, apparently with just a rod and reel. Not too sure about that story!

Its cold and rainy so we push on towards our camp for the night. What a frustrating afternoon! The first camp at Perlubie Beach had a tick in the Camps 5 book which supposedly means its got something special. Well we stopped there and there wasnt anything special about it. Our next stop was further along the coast a bit more but we couldnt find it. We drove along this badly corrugated road for what seemed like hours. Couldnt find a single camp and there were meant to be 3 to choose from. We did find another lizard who was even more angry than the last one. Managed to get this photo before he almost took Craigs finger off!

The area is mostly farming land but its also a fishermans paradise along the coast. These are their cute little weekend cottages...

We kept driving to a place called Sceale Bay, a nice little town with a bush camp. One guy owns the land and he charges $5 per adult per night. Again it got a tick in the Camps 5 book and again Im not quite sure why. We must be missing something! We were the only ones there and were pretty excited to see a real toilet in this bush camp. Lucky for Bailey I checked it out before he went in, I found a family of red back spiders in there.

Beautiful sunset tonight....

Night 112 - Ceduna

Another full day of driving across the Nullarbor. I have to admit that the second half of the Nullarbor is pretty spectacular compared to the first half! First stop was the S.A / W.A Border.....we are one state closer to home.

We drove east along the Eyre Highway seeing some pretty amazing cliffs. We stopped in at Head of Bight which is a whale watching point. We have missed the whale watching season by a few weeks but we paid the $10 entry fee to walk out on the platform, the view was well worth the money. It was 38 degrees, horribly humid and the flies attacked us.... all 3 kids had a massive meltdown so unfortunately we didnt stay too long.

We were going to stop here for lunch but decided to keep driving. We drove through to Yalata which is an Aborigional community which is in the centre of the Nullus Arbor or 'treeless plain'

We drove to our first free camp which was pretty awful, we may as well have been camping on the highway. The second camp was just as bad to we drove on to Ceduna which was about another 100km's. We made it across the Nullarbor, took us 2 full days of driving and we didnt see one single kangaroo, wombat or camel!

We filled up with petrol and drove to our little free camp at Laura Bay Conservation Park which was 20km's past Ceduna. There wasnt anything at all here, just 3 little camps sites at the end of a dirt road. By the time we were all set up it was almost 8pm and we were all exhausted.