Monday, September 6, 2010

Night 46 - Kununurra

Happy Fathers Day to Craig....

Kai and I were at the newsagents trying to find a card. We found one that read:

Holy Mackerel your one great dad
No Trout about it
You totally kick Bass
Sure, your a Clown sometimes
But your a hip Cat too
In Tuna with the times
Without you life would be Crappie
The whole family would Flounder
Cod go on, but long story short
Your the greatest dad ever and that's no fish story!

We both looked at eachother amd said 'perfect'. I went to his favourite shop the 'Rod and Rifle' and bought him a jaffle iron for the campfire, some Bushmans insect repellant and a few scratchies.

On the way to W.A, so exciting! Along the way we see wild horses...

And some massive Boab trees...

We see this road sign quite a bit, have no idea what it means! Any clues?

We had read about the quarantine checkpoint at the N.T / W.A border. We had a heap of potatoes that needed to be either used or thrown out so I cooked up a potato salad and threw everything in! In the car we madly ate all the fruit we had leftover.

How about the massive road trains, they are a bit scary when they pass us at over 100k's per hour.

We made it to the checkpoint at just after lunch.....Yippie.....My first time in W.A

There were a few cars parked along the side of the road with everyone also eating everything they had. At the checkpoint they checked the car and caravan for anything that was prohibited. He took our honey and lettuce but everything else we had had been devoured by Craig!

We made it to Kununurra, it was not at all what I had expected. It is much bigger and nicer than I thought. Of course being a Sunday everything was closed except Coles. We found a caravan park and Craig took the kids swimming. The streets in the town are lined with massive mango trees, the caravan park also is covered. I have never seen so many mango trees in my life! Our eyes were wide with excitement but all were either too high up to pick or not ripe enough. We then climbed up to the top of a lookout with really nice views over the town. Only staying here one night as there isnt too much to do.