Sunday, September 12, 2010

Night 52- Broome

Another action packed day in beautiful Broome staying with Allan and Louise at their house.

The boys and I had another early start with a trip to Broome harbour for a walk on the mudflats. With the spring tides at the moment (10 metres high!), the low tide is exposing some flying boats that were sunk by the Japanese during WW2. The problem is that they are about 2km's out on the mudflats.....woo hoo!!

When we arrived at about 6.00am, I was thinking there wouldn`t be too many people interested in this, how wrong was I. There were loads of people heading out. I whacked the backpack on full of water and cameras and we were off. The boys had a ball jumping in the thick mud. It was awesome seeing the planes as they are still in a reasonable condition. We got to see only 2 planes as Bailey wanted to go back when his reef boot had a blowout but we could have walked another 1km further out to more planes.

We got back before the tide swallowed us back up then went back to the house for brekky with the girls.

All of us headed down to Cable Beach for a swim around lunch then it was decided that we had such a great dinner on the beach, watching the sun set the night before that we would do it again.

And it was another great evening with a bottle of bubbly, some beers, great food and a game of beach cricket while the sun set over the water.