Thursday, August 26, 2010

Night 35 - Darwin

We all arose nice 'n' early (Kai is our alarm clock each day) in expectation of our day trip to Litchfield.

It was hour or so drive to the national park, through a small town called Batchelor (which has a really great butterfly enclosure...we may get to it next time or never) with our first stop being the magnetic termite mounds.

Here we learnt the difference between the termite mounds with the huge 'cathederal' termite mounds different to the flat 'magnetic' termite mounds. All of the magnetic termite mounds looked like a headstones at a cemetary and was a great site to see.

Next stop was "Buley Rockholes" for our first swim. After passing the obligatory "Beware of the Crocs" sign, on the downhill walk I could see plenty of people swimming and lounging in the rockholes so it was straight off with the tee shirts and in. I thought I'd stay upstream of the backpackers, they can get taken first.

Next stop Florence Falls, we didnt swin here as there were 135 stairs each way which was a bit much for the kids. Great spot though.

Nan and Pop and the grandkids!!

Next stop along Litchfield Road was Tolmer Falls, it would be pretty impressive during the wet season. We couldnt swim here as there were endangered Orange Horseshoe and Ghost bats that were nesting in the caves. We walked 400m along the walkway to the viewing platform, pretty impressive views.

There was a bushfire coming so we headed for the next stop.

Last stop for the day was the wonderful Wangi Falls, this place was awesome. By this stage we needed a swim. We spotted heaps of fish, mostly black bream here!

We drove back into Darwin and went to Stokes Hill Wharf for dinner. The chili crocodile was sensational!!