Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Night 138 - Barwon Heads

We promised the boys yesterday that if the weather was ok we would take them to Adventure Land.....a new water fun park in Geelong. It wasnt cold but it was overcast and rain was on the way. They begged, pleaded and turned on the tears so we relented! Ok we thought, there wasnt much else to do so away we went.

The kids, with their huge smiles and charged up energy, couldnt get there quick enough! I have to say the day was awesome, I spent most of it looking after Ellie who was way too cold to go in. Lucky we didnt have to pay for her! The boys didnt stop all day. They went on water slides, tube rides, played at the water playground, paddle boats, and even had a go at archery. Ellie was just happy to go on the carousel!

The park was packed full of school kids probably on their end of year excursions but by 2pm they were all gone and we had the whole park to ourselves which was great. It did rain lightly on and off, I dont think the boys even noticed.

Some pics from the day...

After the water park I went for a long overdue hair cut while Craig and the kids slept in the car!!! The weather looked like it was going to turn really nasty so we put in the awning and made sure everything was secure for the night. It was an exhausting day so we had an early night.