Monday, October 25, 2010

Night 94 - Perth

We had a look around Perth today and it was fantastic. Had a lazy morning as its Sunday and the city doesnt open until 12 (yes thats right, a capital city that doesnt open until lunch time. I love it!!!).

We left the boys with Traci and the twins having fun in the pool, much easier exploring a city with just one child.

So Ellie, Craig and I set off and drove the 15 mins or so into town. We went to the city mall first which was really busy, the shops were packed and there were heaps of buskers around. As excited I was to see a mall we didnt stay long as our 4WD didnt fit into the underground parking station so we could only find 1/2 hour parking.

We grabbed a coffee and walked around, we found this cute little arcade which was like something you would see in Europe.

Next stop was the beautiful Kings Park which is much like the Botanical Gardens in Sydney. All the flowers were out and they looked pretty spectacular. We spent ages walking around looking for the State Floral Emblem the 'Sturt Desert Pea', no wonder we couldnt see it.....its actually the S.A Emblem!! Duh!

We had a great time walking around while Ellie was asleep in the pram. The views over the city are amazing and the walkway is fantastic. There were hundreds of families enjoying their Sunday in the sun.

Beers and BBQ that night with Birdy and Traci and the 5 kids who are getting along like best mates!