Friday, December 3, 2010

Night 133 - Yambuk Lake

Thanks to the rooster in the garden behind us we all had a restless night. He crowed at 2.30, 3.30 and 5am.

On my morning jog I found a freshwater turtle just like the one Nat used to have. I saved him from 'death-by-seagull' and brought it back to show the kids. Apparently they get washed out of their lakes and lagoons into the ocean when there are big rains. Lisa wanted to take it home, we could have snuck it Pop`s fish pond I suppose, but with a couple of weeks to go it would have been a little difficult to manage.

We left Southend, and the smallest campground in Oz, and headed on towards Victoria!!

Our next town to pass through was Mount Gambia. I couldn`t remember anything in particular when we passed through here 10 years ago but geez, didn`t we miss Blue Lake back then! It is an extinct volcano crater and is vibrantly blue about 2 mins drive from the centre of town. It was awesome!

Blue Lake

We drove on through wine and dairy countryside to arrive at our next stop Yambuk Lake. It is a great spot right beside the lake which was then just behind the beach. But most of all the kids will remember the giant slide just behind the sand dunes!! Our shorts were`nt slippery enough....cardboard was a bit quicker.....but the best sliding apparatus had been left behind by previous daredevils....the top of a toilet seat....sweeet!!! Will have to keep that one in mind.

There is another big wind farm nearby and it was cool to watch a large storm that passed nearby, turn the wind turbines in a different direction.

Our campsite is elevated and has a great view of the turbines, the lake and river. Pretty great sunset too!