Monday, August 2, 2010

Night 11 - Boyne Island

After Craigs fishing adventure on saturday we relaxed in the arvo and checked out Gladstone.

After arriving back at our camp we decided to stay another night on Boyne Island. They didnt have any powered sites available so we moved to an un-powered site. It was peaceful, serene and secluded and we were excited!! Ahhh the dream of letting the kids run free with no one in sight! We set up right next to the river and head out to Tannum Sands Beach for the morning. What a gorgeous little beach, the kids swam and surfed for the first time on our trip.

Kai heading to the beach.....

Bailey surfing.....huge waves!!!

We had some lunch then headed back to camp....

We get back to camp and there are 2 vans now camped either side of us. Our seculded little spot was no more. Huge disappointment. Anyway Craig and the kids played some cricket while I cooked dinner. Afterwards the generators (which sounded like lawn mowers) started....geez when can we get some quiet!! We toasted marshmallows which was really fun, the kids couldnt get enough.

Kids in bed and generators off we sat under the stars and watched the fire, bliss.....

Next stop tomorrow is Rockhampton

Night 10 - Boyne Island

FISHIN'......woo hoo!!
Got up at 'sparrows' to get to Nathan's (a mate I used to work with at the ferries) house 20k's away in Gladston and was met with an absolute 'pea-soup' amount of fog.
Nathan being the local with plenty of years experience on the water, was happy to scream out of the harbour at 20kts taking all the shortcuts and going past one boat who had gone up on the bank in the fog to cover the 20miles out to his secret spot on the reef.

That`s not clouds but a short break in the fog!!

It was glassy conditions out there and plenty of fish. We stopped at one spot to get some bait then to the nearby reef for the action.
We caught plenty of fish including snapper, red hussa, morwong, parrot fish, sweetlip, remora (sucker fish that are pests!), plenty of different cod and red emporer. We threw back some 'reds' that I thought were massive but he said they were undersize......I am used to small Sydney fish I guess!!


Mother-in-Law fish!!