Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Night 13 - Rockhampton

Today we explored Capricorn Caves. Well worth a visit. We went on an hour tour which was really intersting and the kids loved every minute. The caves were discovered by John Olsen who bought the surrounding land back in the 1800's. He explored the dry cave system using candle light.

Here we are in the cave's cathedral where the acoustics are actually better than the opera house. The tour guide turned off the lights and played an opera song which was absolutely amazing.

Bailey inside a limestone tube.

We are ready to head off now. Craig new best friends 90 year olds Dave and John are really going to miss him. They bailed him up every single time he stepped out of our van and talked about everything and nothing.

The Rockhampton fashion, hair styles and tattoo's are out of control!!!

Next stop.....our first free camp of the trip. Looking forward to another night of toasting marshmallows on the campfire.