Monday, December 6, 2010

Night 136 - Lorne

We survived the last night of schoolies!! It wasnt as bad as we expected, a bit of yelling and screaming but having lived in the middle of Dee Why it was like a usual Saturday night!

This morning we drove about 15 mins up to Erskine Falls. Its another narrow winding road that leads up to the most beautiful waterfall. It was so quiet and serene up there (well except for the crazy kids that stood underneath it and yelled because it was freezing cold!) We got to the first lookout and were greeted with this view...

We then walked about 200 steps down to the next lookout....all 5 of us in our trusty bush walking thongs. Walking back up with 3 tired kids was hard work, even harder for Craig who is the lucky one who gets to carry Ellie!

After lunch back at the van we walk into town to take the kids for an hour at the skate park. Being a Sunday it was packed but when the older kids stopped for a break the little ones jumped in!

The beach was packed because of the race. Craig didnt end up entering, he says there was some kind of protest. His new buff image made them scared I guess! Perfect conditions for a race though, overcast and not too hot.

On the way home the boys meet some girl friends!!