Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Night 47 - Halls Creek

Although Kununurra was quite nice we decided not to stay another night. There wasnt a whole lot to do and we would rather get over to the west coast as quick as we can so we can spend some time there. I cant wait to see a beach again and Craig cant wait to start surfing and fishing.

We drove to where we thought we were going to spend our night (a free camp) but there was absolutely nothing there. The second option was even worse so we continued on towards Halls Creek. We had been warned not to stay here but seeing it was nearing 3pm we had no other choice. The caravan park itself was awful, by far the most awful park we have stayed. The reception office of the park was out of this world. Craig booked us in and then told me I should go and check it out. It had one tiny grilled door but on the inside it was enormous, an emporium. You could get pretty much anything you wanted here. It was like a supermarket/toy shop/ chemist/newsagent/auto supplier/hardware/fishing and camping, we laughed and laughed about it...who would have thought it even existed.

We were both pretty nervous here, we even drove around with our doors locked. The whole town was boarded up, none of the shops had windows. You have to pay for petrol before you fill up. There were groups of people wandering around aimlessly, most of them drunk. At night you hear people fighting and screaming, dogs barking and the occasional road train screaming past. This is not like Australia its more like a 3rd world country.

We put the kids to bed and it started to rain. We sat under the awning reading someone elses blog, they are on the same path we are so we are looking for tips. The rain came down, it rained all night long.

We were outta there first thing in the morning and heading towards Fitzroy Crossing which is meant to be even worse!