Friday, September 24, 2010

Night 64 - Exmouth

Last night the moonlight was amazing, so bright it lit up the whole sky. We sat under the stars and relaxed, gotta love holiday mode.

Of all the places this guy could camp along the coast he sets up his tent right next to us....he obviously doesn’t realise we have three noisy kids!

Craig was up at 7am to go and wait in the queue to see if we could get a more permanent spot. We had driven up and down the Ningaloo coast yesterday afternoon to check out all the other sites. Most beaches have only 7 camp sites and every single one of them is full. The camp host told us she had one site left at Lakeside, Craig was stoked as we rated this camp 2nd on our list of preferred sites. As we were packing up we started chatting to some others waiting at the overflow, so strange to find out they are from Cromer and live about a block away from where we do. Small world! We pack up for the last time for the next 2 weeks and head down there. There is no electricity, water, shade, generators, mobile or internet about roughing it!! We have a great site only meters from the waters edge, we will be happy to call this home for the next 2 weeks.

We set up and travel the 40ks back into town to stock up on a few supplies. We were so excited and overwhelmed at the beauty of this place that we totally forgot to get petrol. Before we knew it the petrol light was on, next thing the car chuggs and comes to a stop! We were only on the side of the road 5 minutes before a truck pulls over and a couple of plumbers jump out. They have a jerry can and fill up our car so we can drive to the nearest petrol station. We ran out of fuel about 10ks from the petrol station! Craig left a few beers on their doorstep to say thanks.

We stock up on the essentials, milk, bread, water, wine.....then we drive back to base camp for lunch and a swim. We walked down to the beach and Craig took the boys for a snorkel. Wasnt long before I heard someone yelling ‘’ from the water. There was a guy and his girlfriend who were getting swept away and she was panicking. I stood up to see what was going on when this woman runs past me and into the water to rescue her. The boyfriend was making absolutely no effort to rescue her, he was able to stand in the water and thats about all he did. Luckily for them it ended happily although if I were her my boyfriend would be dumped!!

Anyway folks thats all for now, will update again on monday....