Saturday, October 23, 2010

Night 92 - Avon National Park

What a day we had today, we got lost!

We left Lancelin by 10ish and drove south towards Perth. We saw what looked like a nice spot in the Camps 5 book called Avon National Park. We made it to Gin Gin for lunch by the duck pond, after that Im not quite sure what happened. We had the GPS on (but we dont trust her, she is soooo blonde!), Im trying to read the map but the roads didnt have signs and we had no idea where we were! We drove around and around and did countless u-turns.

Finally by about 2pm we made it to Toodyay and from there we were ok. Toodyay was a great little town, really old and quaint. People were so friendly and even waved at us as we drove down the main street. I ducked into a shop to look for a book and came back to find this old drunk toothless man telling his life story to Craig!

Avon was a nice National Park but there was no one else in sight. And what do you do when there is no one else in sight? Light a smoke flare of course!!

I love camping without others on top of us but not having anyone else in the national park makes me slightly nervous. I had a pretty restless night.

Night 91 - Lancelin

After 3 nights free camping we decided it was time to move on. We drove to Lancelin not even knowing if there was a caravan park there but we found a nice little one. Time to fill up our water tanks, do some washing and charge up all of our electricals!

Lancelin is a really nice little spot, its another cute little beachy town. We spent the arvo at the beach checking out all the kite surfers. It was pretty windy and its starting to feel chilly again as we head down the coast.

The kids loved Craigs fish, he battered it and they had a feast for dinner!

In the morning we werent sure if we were going to stay another night. Craig said lets go so we started packing up. Just as we started packing 4 car loads of South African guys turned up to camp right behind us. Drunk and loud at 9am.....we made the right decicion to leave!