Friday, August 27, 2010

Night 36- Darwin

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CRAIG......he got boardies, beer and Australian!!

The day started with our ususal birthday pancakes, yummo!

Pam and Ross went and did some sightseeing so we ventured to Berry Springs Nature Park about 25km's away. This place was magical, I thought it was actually better than Litchfield. The boys went in for a swim in the crystal clear water (I am way too scared of crocs!!).

Why do the boys have to do this in every single photo??

They swum with Archer fish, Sooty Grunter and Long Tom. There was hardly anyone else there, just a few other Britz vans with the usual loud poms!

Here are a few pics of the beautiful trees that surrounded us.

We came home for a quick pit stop and then drove into Darwin for the Mindil Markets, what a fantastic time we had! I wish they had something like this in Sydney. The smells, tastes, sights and sounds were amazing. We had a look around and then sampled the food. Craig decided on an emu stick and a crocodile stick from the 'Road Kill Cafe'. Lovely!

This is Mindil of a few beaches in Darwin. They do have the occasional croc show up so its no wonder there is no one swimming.

This didgeridoo player had was absolutely amazing, I got goose bumps watching him play and the kids didnt take their eyes off him. He played with such heart and soul and the whole crowd were right into it. I wish we had seen him play his second set but there was so much else to see and do.

After dinner it was time to watch my first sunset over the ocean. We just happened to be there on the full moon so it was amazingly spectacular to see.

The beach was full of tourists also watching and taking photos.

The sun had set and it was time to watch 'Dan the Fire Man' who was unreal. We took these amazing pics of his show.

We arrived back home at about 8pm and put the kids to bed. It doesnt seem to cool down at night, Im sure its still about 35 degrees. The rain coulds keep building but the rain never falls.....its just hot and humid every day.