Saturday, August 7, 2010

Night 16 - Rubyvale

What a cold cold night, beautiful warm days but then by 6pm it turns nasty! Rarely does Craig ever say he is cold and last night he was so cold he could barely sleep.

In the morning we woke to lorikeets who wanted to be fed! There were heaps of them and Ellie was petrified as one landed on her head.

We went for a coffee to the only coffee shop in town and got talking to a guy who gave us his 'secret' location to have a dig. We hired some gear and Craig was excited! This place was an old dried up river bed so we got to work. After about 2 hours of not finding anything we decided to head for the fossicking park.

This place is truly the middle of no where, 800 square km's of sapphire bearing land. We head down this dirt track and see one other older couple digging a huge hole so Craig heads over and has a chat. They tell us to watch out for the ticks and brown snakes.....great! I got out the picnic rug and a magazine and all of a sudden this person appears. She says 'hey youse wanna dig some?' She was about 40 and had no teeth at all, she was unkempt and slightly scary. She told us that she also had a spot and we should follow her. Craig eyes wide with excitement we followed her on her pushy to her tent. I was so scared, I thought for sure she would rob us out in this no where land. She showed us where to dig and what to look for and left us alone. I looked over my shoulder the whole time!! We didnt find anything so headed back into town where we bought a few bags of wash and found a few small sapphires.

This is part of our treasure: