Saturday, August 28, 2010

Night 37 - Darwin

Last night in Darwin....

We just thought we would have a relaxing day by the pool and catch up on the boys school work. They are doing it by distance education and there is a heap of it!!
Its hard enough to get through our hectic schedule of touring and sightseeing then get on with the boys work (I think I still have a grasp of year 3 maths though!).

I think they should let us make our own more relevant assignments so that the boys can really get a feel for the environment they are travelling through.....such as "Are We There Yet?" my tales about travelling!, "Different Cultures" I thought the drunk people would steal my surfboard! or "How the Different Sites have Inspired Me" MUM, the Nintendo DS has run out of batteries, I'm bored!

Mum and Dad went out and bought some really nice aboriginal artwork this arvo. You will have to go around and see the paintings!!

Finally, this arvo, Lisa's calls have been answered....a lovely tropical downpour. It only lasted about 20 mins and all it did was make everything steamy but it did rain. The locals were saying "unseasonal rain".

In the arvo we headed to the Palmerston Markets where we indulged once again. The markets were a bit quieter than the week before but still had some great food stalls with Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Chinese, Malaysian and 'aussie roadkill' on the menu....I settled for a Thai salad this time.

The kids had a ball with some dancing clowns revving all of the littlies up with disco songs... Bailey was a classic getting down the front and staying there for the whole time. Kai easily got the most lollies that were tossed onto the dance mercy was shown thats for sure!!

Had a few farewell drinks with Mum and Dad as they were leaving early the next morning. Its been great having them up here for the last week or so!!