Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Night 5- Brisbane

We are staying at a caravan park really close to the centre of Brisbane (Newmarket Gardens). Ive never seen a caravan park so packed! Every van is about 2m from the next one. I hate camping like this, especially with our crazy noisy kids! Great showers though.

Nat came for a bbq last night which was fun. She gave Bailey a lovely new haircut! He is nearly bald! Half way through he decided he hated it and had a bit of a meltdown but we convinced him he looks just like Craig so he is happy now!

The kids schoolwork arrives tomorrow which is going to be interesting.

We are off to Southbank for a swim.....and to explore the city. Its gorgeous today and we are back to wearing shorts.....Yah!

Night 4- Gold Coast

The Gold Coast has been fun as always! My ears are sore after staying with my nan for 2 nights, the tv volume is on 100 so its no wonder she cant hear a word we say. Bless her!! She was very excited to meet her great grand-daughter for the first time. It was nice to have a propper thong-free shower and a warm bed to sleep in.

Off to Bris-Vegas for some fun with my sis!!