Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Night 123 - Parham

Woke this morning not to the sound of waves crashing but of big blow flies (or bushy's as they call them here) buzzing at our window. We really just cant escape the flies, S.A is the fly capital of OZ.

Ive had enough but we are staying another day so the boys can go crab hunting again. Ellie and I stay holed up in the van and the boys head off. They were gone 2 or more hours and again came back with an esky full of crabs. Im thinking of all the money we are saving on dinner and Im trying not to watch Craig boil them up in all of my vegetarian pots! Poor little things!

Its hot and sticky and the clouds look like they are brewing a nice storm to cool us down. It doesnt really come though, we get a few drops but not enough.

Kids did some school work and watched a few videos and that was the day done.

Tomorrow....Adelaide....cant wait.