Monday, October 18, 2010

Night 87 - North Cliff

After leaving our caravan park this morning we had a final look around Geraldton. Being a Sunday nothing was open so we hit the road again. Craig took these snaps before we left...

We didnt have to drive too far to our next stop. A gorgeous free camp, no neighbours, absolute water frontage, water views from our beds, beautiful wildlife at our doorstep, peaceful and quiet....

EXCEPT.....we could barely step foot outside the van before we were attacked by flies. And I mean attacked! They were everywhere, Craig was on the verge of having a meltdown! We have just found peace from the wind and now we wish it were back to blow all the flies away!

We saw dolphins right in front of us, they were chasing fish and so close to the shore we thought they were going to beach themselves.

We also saw a rig out to sea, not sure if it is oil or gas.

Not sure what tomorrow brings but we are hoping it brings a day without flies!