Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Night 88 - Jurien Bay

After our super quick exit from North Cliff we drove south along the Indian Ocean Road, not far maybe only 50km’s. The Indian Ocean Road is apparently new and winds all the way from Dongara in the north to Lancelin in the South.

We rang ahead and they did have sites available for $15 for the night (yah!).

We drove along the 6k corrugated road to the Sandy Cape Recreational Area. There are only about 10 other campers here. We drove along the road as far as we could go to the beach and there was a free spot right there for us, apparently someone had just left. We got out of the car to check the fly situation and we were pleased to find out that it was better than the night before. It’s a huge site, right on the beach and we don’t have any neighbours. Its similar to Lakeside as it doesn’t have water or electricity. The town of Jurien Bay is only 10 mins away so after lunch we went to have a look around. Shame we can only stay here for a max of 4 nights.

We set up and the kids ran down to the beach to check it out. There are some massive sand dunes so they had fun running up and down them.

Then Craig got out Bailey's surfbord and they had fun ‘surfing’ down them all arvo. It was such good fun and they will be knackered tonight!!

This photo was just before a massive impact that broke his watch!!

At dusk Craig went for a fish with everyone else from the camp, again nothing. Lucky I always have a spare dinner for him or else he would be starving by now!