Sunday, November 28, 2010

Night 128 - Adelaide

Ahhh yes the huntsman spider incident! Let me tell the story. We were in the car about to start driving when I heard a shriek....sounded like Ellie but no its my husband! Lise help me, get this spider off me he says. I jumped straight out of the car (not because I was scared but because I wanted to grab something to flick it off him!!) I grabbed a stick flicked it off and saved the day.

He also neglected to mention when we were on our bush walk he was chatting away on the phone and he swallowed a bug of some sort. He coughed and spluttered then vomited twice (all while still talking away). We then get back to the van and an ant crawls up his leg, he shook that leg like it was on fire!! Gee ants are massively scary out here, you should have seen it...huge bulging eyes and razor sharp teeth!

So the rain started at 3am and by 9am it was still raining so we decided to stay another day. Craig went to the office to pay while I put all of our washing that was on the line getting wet into the dryer. We drive out of the caravan park gates and all of a sudden the rain stops and the sun shines. Typical!

We decided to drive into Port Adelaide and go to the Sea Horse farm then the Maritime Museum.

First stop was lunch at the wharf in front of the lighthouse...

We went to the Sea Horse farm that we had seen in all of the brochures but it was closing down due to high rent so we missed out.

Next stop was the S.A maritime Museum, only cost $22 for the family and it was worth every cent. We were here for hours exploring the different exhibits.

They had a dolphin exhibit which was really cool, they had interactive games (right up Kai's alley!) and a huge dolphin skeleton.

They also had a kids play area with some caves, a pirate ship, a tunnel that went through a wooden sea serpent and heaps of pirate treasure boxes and wall displays. The kids absolutely loved it.

Downstairs was a display of life on board sailing ships from the early 1800's. Very interesting. Upstairs was a display of old swimwear from the 1950's, old fishing rods and more interactive games.

They also had a naval exhibit covering different eras, alot of sunken treasure that had been recovered and plenty of replica ships.

Couple more pics from the day...

We drove the long way home to see some more of Adelaide's beaches, Semaphore, Henley Beach, Glenelg and Brighton.