Thursday, November 18, 2010

Night 118 - Port Gibbon

Finally we have blue sky!

Craig caught a few fish this morning so dinner is sorted. We packed up yet again and stopped in at Arno Bay for lunch. Its another cute little fishing town with a population of 250 people. Its where the Clean Seas Tuna company runs their breeding program. They farm tuna, kingfish and mulloway here. Its also famous for its offshore fishing. Craig walked out to the end of the wharf to see what the fisherman were catching, they had some luck with squid and Tommy Ruff Salmon. Craig will be back!

After lunch we drove north a bit more to our next camp at Port Gibbon. This place is pretty nice (apart from the blow flies!), its on private land and there is a donation box for camping fee's. The beach is long ans straight and the cliffs are pretty impressive. They have a toilet, a camp kitchen and water and a hobo's beer garden.

We got talking to old mate who suggested we go down the beach a bit to have a look for sea lions. We were pretty excited to find 3 sunning themselves. None of us have ever seen sea lions in the wild before so we were slightly nervous as we hear they can be pretty agressive. We crept over to take some photos, we had a back up plan if they decided to turn on us! Craig would grab Ellie and we would head for the sand dunes! We spent ages with them but they couldnt care less that we were there. Occasionally one would lift its head, look at us and then go back to sleep. They had a pretty nice soft bed in all the seaweed. One of them heaved itself off the seaweed and went for a dip in the ocean.

Afterwards the boys had fun jumping off the massve sand dunes...

We cooked up some dinner before Craig drove back into Arno Bay to catch some squid off the wharf. He returned after 9pm with 2.....lunch for the boys tomorrow!