Monday, August 23, 2010

Night 32- Darwin

Today was a great day!

After a lazy morning swimming we decided to go on a croc jumping tour half way up the Arnhem Highway. The 'Spectacular Croc Jumping' hour tour cost $80 for the 5 of us and it was worth every cent.

When we first arrived they had the snakes out, Craig was the only one that was game to hold one!

We boarded the boat and within a minute of leaving the wharf a croc swims right over. At first I thought it was a fake just to get us excited but no, it was very real.

The boat sped away as they dont want to attract crocs so close to the wharf. 5 minutes up the river we found our first jumping croc. He was about 7 foot long and after a bit of teasing he jumped pretty high. The look on the kids faces were priceless! A good mixture of excitement and fear!

Not long after we spot this big fella on the banks...camouflaged pretty well.

Next up was a bigger croc who was a bit lazy and didnt want to jump.

Finally came the monster, at least 12 foot and pretty fierce looking. What an amazingly powerful creature.

The hour was over and we travelled back down the Adelaide River to the wharf. About 10 or so whistling kites circled above and the tour guide fed them left overs. Watching them catch the food mid flight was amazing. Luckily my bird-nerd husband could tell us all about them!

After the cruise we went to the Windows Over Wetlands display and information centre. Its a new multi-million dollar centre built on top of a mountain so you get a birds eye view of the wetlands. Its currently the dry season so its not as wet as you would expect but still an amazing view.

We also saw a few water buffalo having a mud bath. Craig and Kai 'mooed' at them but they didnt give much of a response!

After a busy day we went straight home for pizzas and a few 'gin and tonics' with Craigs mum and dad. Ahhhh