Sunday, December 12, 2010

Night 143 - Canberra

After a morning hanging out in Jindy checking out the skate park, visiting the shops and meeting some locals we left at lunchtime.

The kids slept all the way to Canberra, all that rumbling, playing, chasing and skating wore them out!

We drove through Queanbeyan to check out the flood damage as a few days ago the town was closed due to the massive floods. The main street had re-opened and we could see how hight the river had become. Pretty scary stuff.

We drove through the city of Canberra and had a quick look around. Tomorrow we have all day to check out the city and see some sights.

We are staying at the Exhibition Park In Canberra (EPIC). Its a huge campground right next to the racecourse and only $25 per night. Perfect weather too which is a bonus!

Night 142 - Jindabyne

WOW what a cold night, it must have been zero degrees. This morning we all could not get out of bed, it was freezing! Craig woke up early to go fishing and he caught a trout, very happy with himself indeed. Despite the temperature it was a great are some pics....

The car was back to normal this morning and we made it to Jindy at about 10am. Kids very excited to see their cousin, they bounced off the walls for a good hour!

Little blondies...

My cousin Kerry went off to work and the boys went fishing so Ellie and I relaxed and enjoyed the view of the lake from the house.

Jindy is just as beautiful in summer as it is in the winter. Its a lot quieter in summer but there are still heaps of people in town staying at the resorts as there are plenty of summer activities going on in the mountains. We have been here many times, we just love it. Its so relaxing being here.

We enjoyed a few drinks, yummy food and lots of laughs.