Saturday, September 4, 2010

Night 44 - Katherine

Im still getting over the flu but it helps when Craig takes the kids swimming so I can have a bit of piece and quiet! They went swimming in the Katherine hot springs in the morning then to the caravan park swimming pool in the arvo. Great!

We continued to do the kids schoolwork, this week for P.E they learnt how to balance on different objects.

Craig went to the shops to buy a few things and I pottered around the van. I always seem to be cleaning out cupboards to make more room! He wanted to stock up on buying some alcohol for the trip west but because of the "2 litres per day" limit on wine (that is recorded against his license) he decided to panic and bought a case of beer and a bottle of gin as well.....lifeboat rations huh!!

After lunch we looked around Katherine a bit more. The kids spotted a local skate park and we stopped there but it was so hot they only scootered for about 15 mins before they all had red rosy cheeks and said they were ready to go!

I really needed to go back to Woolies but it was 6pm, Craig said he dared me to go back up to the centre of town as it was getting kinda rough. I took Kai as my bodyguard! We arrived at Wollies to groups of Aborigional people looking for a fight....all were drunk and kind of messy. Katherine after dark is not the kind of place you want to be. I know its a dangerous place when we pull up at traffic lights and Craig locks all of the doors!

We had a restless sleep as it rained so heavily. It actually sounded like hail it was so hard. Craig got up a few times in the night to make sure nothing was leaking and everything outside under the awning was dry. In the morning we listened to our neighbours complain that their van leaked all night but luckily ours didnt. I really love our Windsor rapid, its certainly doing the job!