Monday, August 30, 2010

Night 39 - Kakadu

First up today we went to the Bowali Information Centre for a coffee and a look around. They had an interactive display centre much like the one at Window Over Wetlands. There is so much to learn and look at, especially for the kids. They have displays on the types of plants and animals, also the places to visit and the history of the local people.

We head south about half and hour or so from our caravan park to a sacred site called Nourlangie Rock. Here there are many old Aboriginal artworks which had us in awe. The artworks are between 2 and 5 thousand years old.

We started on our walk and within minutes we hear rustling in the bushes, its a wallaby about 2 metres away. He couldnt care less that we were there, he was more interested in scratching in the dirt. Kai was so excited he ran back down the path to tell some other people that we had found a wallaby!

We climbed up the track and arrived at our first cave. There are boardwalks so visitors arent walking on the dirt, this could cover the artworks in dust. This first cave was massive, we could almost imagine them sheltering undercover with only the light from a fire.

A few more paintings followed....

This is Nabulwinjbulwinj....

Quite interesting his moves on the ladies!!

After exploring the artworks we climbed about 200m up to the top of the lookout. The view of Nourlangie Rock from the top was simply amazing. It was ridiculously hot and poor Craig got stuck carrying Ellie!

After climbing back down we drove to Anbangbang Billabong. It was beautiful, peaceful and oh so was the huge croc warning signs that made me stay in the car!! Craig and his 'mini me' shadow had a quick look around and saw plenty of Magpie Geese and luckily no crocs!

We arrived back at lunchtime, had some lunch then a swim in the pool. The rest of the afternoon we did some schoolwork on the picnic rug.