Thursday, December 2, 2010

Night 132 - Southend

It started to sprinkle as we were packing up this morning. Enough rain already!

We drove to Beachport which wasnt too far away. Its another cute little fishing town, they are all starting to look the same! We stopped here for lunch and a play at the park. I walked into a supermarket to buy some rolls, I couldnt find any so I asked the lady if she sold bread rolls. She looked at me like I had asked for french pastries and said 'oh no sorry we dont sell rolls, only day old bread'.

So we had some lunch and drove around a bit and then walked along the jetty. One fishing boat had just come in which had about 60 kilos of live lobster in the hold.

I wish we had decided to stay here the night, there was a lot more to do than in the little town of Southend where we stayed.

We drove the extra 40km's or so to Southend which we thought would be similar to Beachport but there was nothing there, not even a main street! We stayed at a caravan park called 'Lynnies'....what a funny little place. It was basically just Lynnies backyard that she had transformed into the smallest caravan park we have ever seen. She had a few cabins and only about 4 grassed sites. Great showers though and a fantastic cubby house for the kids...thats exactly what we needed!

We did some overdue washing and because of the rain our caravan awning looked like a chinese laundry!

Southend is famous for its crayfish, everyone that lives here is a fisherman. Lynnie was actually telling Craig that most of the fisherman export their catch to China for roughly $85 per kilo. China has just placed a ban on importing seafood so now the fisherman are only getting $28 per kilo. Poor guys, there were hardly any fishing boats out there. We drove out to have a look at the cliffs which were pretty spectacular.

Tonight is our last night in step closer to home.