Friday, November 19, 2010

Night 119 - Lowly Point

The blue sky didnt last long, grey is back. Craig and I woke up this morning staring at about 20 mozzies on our roof. The kids are absolutely covered in bites, they look like they have chicken pox. They even got bitten through their pyjamas. Needless to say we are not staying here another night.

So we drove into Whyalla to pick up some things from the supermarket before driving north 35km's to a little town called Lowly Point. Whyalla isnt a particularly nice town, its another working town with plenty of bogans! We stopped at a park for lunch as usual and then kept driving.

We arrive at Lowly Point and the camp is packed with grey nomads. Its only a small space here but its right by the ocean with great views of the Spencer Gulf and it has a park for the kids. We squeezed into a space and Craig and I start setting up and of course Craig gets bailed up by some old guys, there goes another hour! Some of them have been here for 10 days, some look like they live here. We have met plenty of 'Judy and Tom's', 'Dawn and Bill's', 'John and Beryl's', 'Pat and Doug's'.....still searching for Paul and Marcia though!

In the arvo the kids head off fishing and I get some time to myself! Bliss!

They came back with some whiting (which looked barely legal to me!) for lunch tomorrow. Tonight Craig is cooking up the squid from last night's catch. Dinner, movie, bed...