Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Night 27 - Mataranka

We are always the last to leave our campground! We hear everyone around us start packing up at 6am and they are usually out of there by 7am, not us.....we are in holiday mode!

We left Dunmarra drove north towards Katherine. We stopped at the Larrimah pub for lunch, its one of the top 10 best outback pubs in Australia.

We were hoping to get some petrol here but this was the state of the petrol station!!

We drove 88k's to Mataranka and checked in to the Territory Mannor Resort, this place is awesome. We arrived just in time to watch the Barramundi feeding show, Bailey was the start of the show as he got into the water with the manager and fed them. He loved it!

After lunch we went to the Bitter Springs, what an amazing little oasis. Its a natural thermal pool and the water is about 25 degrees. It was just gorgeous and we all had a dip. The boys even went down the creek on their surfboard.

Later that night it was cane toad catching time!! The manager gives everyone gloves and a plastic bag and tells them to go hunt some cane toads. The boys were in stitches running around catching them, they ended up catching 47 of them. Horrible things! They collect them and then take them to the tip to be burned.

Afterwards the boys get a certificate to say they had helped control cane toad numbers, classic!!